Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear self,

Please take time for yourself! Slow down, try and be calm and relax.

I take on WAY to much to handle. Such as we are leaving for vacation next week. My to-do list is a million things long and I just don't have the time do complete it all. And on top of that I said yes to watching another little girl tomorrow. That puts me at 4 kids and 1 me. How is this going to work. WTF was I thinking???? 

I hope tomorrow goes smoothly and I can get some of my to-do's off. I put myself in this place. I just need to learn to say NO

Friday, January 14, 2011

Love or hate?

I have lost 5 pounds!!!!!! PUMPED I am trying very hard at this. Well minus the cookies I ate last night. Yesterday was one of those days BLAH.

I'm thinking for every 20 pounds or so I loose I will buy myself something. As of today I am thinking of these pretties:
Feelings???? Cute or OMG UGLY

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year = New me

I hate New Years. I hate hearing all about it. I was sleeping by 11 last night. I thing mentally I am very worn out from the holidays.

So what am I going to do...... write about it on my blog :)

The things I want to improve this year are:

1. Become a better wife, mom, friend
2. Eat healthy,loose weight and get in shape
3. Read more
4. Look for the positive in things rather than the negative

I am slowing going to work on each one of these things this year. I know they will all take time but I am OK with that. I am going to try not to obsess and freak out about each one. But we shall see.

The eating healthy was put on the back burner today. I had 3 donuts and wow they were good. I swear if I was not already obsessed with cupcakes donuts might have taken over. lol