Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year = New me

I hate New Years. I hate hearing all about it. I was sleeping by 11 last night. I thing mentally I am very worn out from the holidays.

So what am I going to do...... write about it on my blog :)

The things I want to improve this year are:

1. Become a better wife, mom, friend
2. Eat healthy,loose weight and get in shape
3. Read more
4. Look for the positive in things rather than the negative

I am slowing going to work on each one of these things this year. I know they will all take time but I am OK with that. I am going to try not to obsess and freak out about each one. But we shall see.

The eating healthy was put on the back burner today. I had 3 donuts and wow they were good. I swear if I was not already obsessed with cupcakes donuts might have taken over. lol

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  1. Im right there with you are eating better but it is not happening till after we get the house and move. Because lets face it I stress eat and its a very stressful time. You get ahead start to motivate me to get going too!


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