Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Nord.strom,

I know I have not been spending my paycheck with you. I am sorry. I have not bought anything in store during the Anniversary sale. But I did order during pre-sale a $200 face brush that I am in love with. If my husband knew it was $200 I think I might be sleeping in the car tonight. The emails you have been sending me are depressing, so many things I want but do not need. Then on top of that you are calling me every other day to remind me you have not seen me yet. All this is telling me is that I have a shopping problem. Thank you for your calls and emails. I have looked back on my spending and have realized I am a shopaholic and I might need to seek rehab. I am not letting myself within 600 feet of the mall for the next few months.

No job = No shopping

With love (and a huge credit card balance)

P.S. The hub already told me I am not allowed to get a part time job with you because I would spend more than I made in a week.


  1. Your brave. I wouldn't survive not shopping. I believe it's impossible. Prove me wrong :)

  2. LOL! This is so are way too honest. Back to studying for my pre screen pre interview crap.



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