Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have been painting all weekend long. BARF My body hurts. But I am telling my self great way to burn calories. I am trying to figure out what paint color to use in M room. Her room is going to be very very small. Any ideas? Here is her bedding :
Her room also has pink. What color do you think the room should be? I have been thinking a pale pink or teal? We did get some samples and I think the room will glow in the dark with the 2 we picked. Any ideas will be great! 

It is my last week at work!!! PUMPED finally. I cannot wait to walk out of there on Friday knowing I will not go back. It has been a great 6 years at the company I work for. But time to move on and start a new adventure. 

Have a great week!


  1. I like the teal. Maybe a sea blue too or a jade green (not to sure 'bout the jade but it's worth a shot)

  2. My vote is always for pink, but it should not be too pale that one is unable to differentiate between white and pink.
    BTW, I am your blog's new fan from MBC. Feel free to check out our blog about wooden toys.

  3. Stopping by from MBC - Welcome to the group! You had me at "Cupcake" - I knew this blog had to be good....

    I am terrible with colors, so I won't vote, but I do love the bedding you chose.

    Congrats on becoming a SAHM! I still work, so I will be interested to hear what you think about the transition.

    Following you now!!


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