Monday, September 6, 2010


Yo! Today is day 1 of couch to 5k (the app rocks!). I feel great right now after working out. M was screaming her head off, the hubs was driving me nuts and I just needed to get out for a bit. I walked to my sisters house and ran on the treadmill (we are storing it at her house). It felt really good to turn up the jams and burn some calories. I am going to stick with it this time. FOR REAL!  I'm not happy with myself and I know nothing negative can come out of working out.

Pretty soon this will be me :
(I can wish)

No big plans this week. Still moving things into the house. M is all registered for swimming lessons that start next week. PUMPED I was a swimmer growing up. I swam from age 5-19 it was my life. I miss it :( I'm hoping to get in better shape so I will wear a swimsuit in public. That way I can swim while M is in lessons.

Have a fab week!! 


  1. You need to take a cute picture of M at her first day of swim lessons!!

  2. nice job! sometimes I hate the thought of working out but then I always feel great after that! need to keep that in mind next time I'm feelin' lazy lol


    p.s. I have a little giveaway over at

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought I'd stop by and check out your blog as well. I did C25K this summer and loved the app too!! It's great. It will be just enough to push you beyond your limits, but still obtainable enough to keep you coming back for more. Good luck with it!


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