Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 Trips in 1 day

I am in love obsessed with Coffee. I am really trying to break this obsession.
1. Not good for my anxiety and stress (everything stresses me out)
2. It is a very pricey habit.

I am a gold card member and have received 3 free drink coupons. That means just to get the coupons I have had to buy 45 drinks from Starbucks. NOT GOOD for my waist line, mental health or the checkbook. So how do I break this habit? I have tried making my own coffee at home. FAIL when I woke up that morning there was coffee all over the wall and counter. How did I do this? Well I think I added enough coffee grinds to supply enough coffee to a small county. No one ever taught me how to make coffee (thanks to everyone in my family for hating coffee). It can’t be that hard right? Off I go to Google tips on making coffee. How I am going to miss that pretty green straw every morning.

ETA: I just realized I had to buy 30 drinks before I became a cold card holder. OHMYDEAR that means I have bought 75 drinks GASP!!!!

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  1. LOL! least you are smart enough to join to get free coupons, unlike me!


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