Thursday, June 17, 2010

No complaining

I am reading a book right now. No need to mention the name it is horrible but I am finishing it to see if there is any point. LOL The chapter I read last night was about how she was trying to go 3 weeks with no complaining at all. ZERO NONE Then she went on about how she could never find a time to start because she either had therapy, or was going to meet up with friends that day. She knew they were all going to complain and how do you go to therapy without complaining.

Starting today at 9am (1 min ago) I am trying this. I am going to see how long I can go with no complaints. I am going to try and look at everything positive and not wine. I feel like I am always saying that I need more sleep, or don't feel good. So here is the new and positive me.

~Family pictures were fun. I'm still deciding if I want to post them on here or not. Have a great day and stay positive!

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